No Pie Left Behind

Thanksgiving Pies:

On the morning of this Thanksgiving, I sit timidly before five beautiful and enticing pies and a plate of double chocolate cookies that my family concocted the day before. The anticipation of which particular pie will be served first, and otherwise fully devoured, makes even a brawn man tremble in excitement. Sitting in front of these pies, it has Thanksgiving Piesbecome infinitely clear to me, that my family really likes pie. As is with tradition in any family, mine has a unique approach to how pies on Thanksgiving should be consumed. And for this group, that means pie “before” dinner. With entire credit to my fun-loving brother-in-law, the rules are these – line up all the pies and number them in order from one to six; each person then rolls a die; the number of the die rolled is then your piece of one pie to sample. With a large group, this means that all bakers of said pies watch as their creations are sampled and enjoyed. With the appropriate number of people, this reason of madness puts the odds in your favor that no pie will go un-tasted. At the end of dinner of course, there are no rules, and all pies are on their own.This year’s Thanksgiving was special in many regards, notwithstanding the exceptional pie-palooza, and I remain very grateful to my extraordinary family.

  • Derby Pie

  • Pumpkin Pie

  • Key Lime Pie

  • Apple Pie

  • Double Chocolate Cookies

  • Cherry Berry Pie

Thanksgiving Pies

Thanksgiving Pies

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One thought on “No Pie Left Behind

  1. ohmygoodness, Christopher – I have zero room left for one more slice of pie, even as much as pies are my thing ! But I’m enjoying myself just having a gluttonous peek at your family’s yummy spread.

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