Brood Ballyhoo

6/23/12 Sat 11 am.   80 degrees


Top (Medium size) Super: empty

Middle Large Super:

Bees were very docile. 80% of the frames had uncapped nectar. Removed 3 small supercedure cells at the bottom of 2 frames. There was one area at the bottom of one of the frame which had a strange valley of brood. The dimension looked like a divot – almost like something was formally in its space and I quickly was concerned with whether a queen may have hatched during my beek sabbatical. C though quickly reminded me that I cut out that portion weeks ago as it was a supercedure cell. Phew., and now I could enjoy the Gaudi-esque brood pattern. Putting back each frame was slightly difficult with the propolis buildup and the docility of the bees not moving. Managed to not sacrifice any furry friends.

Bottom Large Super:
Unsticking the box again took several tries and I managed to remove without damaging the wood with my hive tool. The roar of bees we had been hearing for the past 10 mins clearly was emanating from this box. Once opened it was like opening the door to a sports arena with the roar of a crowd. Looking down through each frame, thick comb was drawn out on each as if it were lungs filled with air squeezing out the bees. The super looked like it could explode with bees due to lack of space. I’m assuming the queen is in this super due to the activity and having not seen her in the other 2 supers. Using the hive tool I unwedged each frame from the wax. Then looking down I noticed a very interesting site which is a wonderful surprise during a bee inspection – the bees were ‘festooning”. Their legs were making a chain to each other so there were a line of bees from one frame extending to the next. It’s as if they were forming a tightrope chain. How appropriate I thought as we were going to Cirque du Soleil today. We had a circus of bees right in our own yard. (“Festooning” is the act of bees interlocking their legs in a chain fashion to help them keep their place so the wax is drawn out correctly)
We stopped there so as to not disturb the bee troupe. Will more fully inspect the bottom super next week.


Delinquent beek – have not checked the hives for 3 weeks due to travel and weather.


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  • Temperature: 53°F;
  • Humidity: 89%;
  • Heat Index: 53°F;
  • Wind Chill: 53°F;
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