Beek Gathering

6/22 fri. 6pm  90 degrees/rain

Beek party@ Faustinec’s. Due to rain we could not inspect the hive. Maybe for the best given the extreme heat. Wearing a bee suit for 30 mins in heat then going to a cocktail gathering makes for an uncomfortable event. However, the Beek party was a success, complete with numerous honey samplings and C’s culinary expertise in themed cooking. Notably the Bees Knees Cocktail evolved to the  “Well-Stung” Bees Knees Cocktail, appropriately named after Joe’s (the Master Beek) apiary.

Bees Knees Martini

  • 1 part Honey Syrup (1-to-1 honey and hot water)
  • 1 part lemon aid
  • 1 part Gin
  • Garnish with sprig of lavender

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  • Temperature: 39°F;
  • Humidity: 41%;
  • Heat Index: 39°F;
  • Wind Chill: 30°F;
  • Pressure: 29.67 in.;

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