#101. If Calamari is on the menu, it is a moral imperative to order it (12-23-05)

#108. A Coconut is quite simply a party waiting to happen stuck inside of a nut (V, 6-24-12)


#116. Went soul searching – couldn’t find a damn thing (12-27-11)

#109. We would all be angels, if it wasn’t for other people (4-20-04)

#110. We’re not here for a long time, but we’re here for a good time (6-23-07)

#111. You cannot move at light speed 24×7 without hurting yourself (V before being thrown from a horse, 9-17-05)

#113. Bill Gates made me a worster speller (12-23-04 at Thorn Hill NH)

#114. A day without laughing out load, is a day you forgot to live (2-12-05 at Thorn Hill NH)


#102. If I wanted to be there already, I would have left earlier (6-13-12 stuck at JFK)

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