Honey Robbers

December 2011   40-50 degrees during the day

The Field mice decided that our bee’s winter honey was what they wanted for the holidays.  We were determined to outsmart the critters and save the food.  (This had not occurred last year due to the extreme cold and snow)

  • Dec 11. Set mouse trap with cheese
  • Dec 12. Mouse trap missing the next morning. Set another mouse trap with peanut butter.
  • Dec 13 Mouse trap again missing the next morning. Raised hive up on cinder blocks (duh!) and set another mouse trap with peanut butter and placed trap on top of the cinder block.
  • Dec 14 Mouse trap missing again. Set Rat trap with peanut butter under cinder blocks. (bigger trap guarantees catch!)
  • Dec 15 Rat trap tripped. (theory destroyed)  Staple plastic mesh over hive opening with holes large enough for bees to leave if they wish. Reset Rat trap. (just in case)
  • Dec 16 Plastic mesh eaten through. Order metal mouse guard from Mann Lake, MN.
  • Dec 23. Mouse guard arrives and is installed after box is checked for critters and prior to ski vacation to NH. Pollen patty added to top of super.

Lessons Learned

We are not as smart as we think we are.

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