Changing it Up

5/24/12 Thurs 6pm 70 degrees


To change order of the hive bodies and conduct a quick inspection.


Several supercedure cells cut out. Cell coverage heavy and very dark compared to last year. Bees more docile than last year.

Incomplete inspection due to 1st sting as a beekeeper. Bee crawled up under bee jacket which is a bit loose and when I went to feel what was on my stomach crushed the bee and ultimately stung myself while holding a frame covered with a few hundred bees. Before taking the stinger out, put the frame back and closed up the hive.
Culprit = rushing to complete a hive inspection check after work and not fully checking suit.

Though did meet half of inspection goal and changed the order of the hives.

Lessons Learned

Never rush to start a hive inspection. If something goes wrong in a hive inspection, don’t panic.

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