Fish Tale

Hamachi Sashimi with Bok Choy, Radish, & Rice Wine Vinaigrette:

Truth be told, I do love the splendor of summer. My beautiful bride would disagree, as I tend to melt and burn from the hot sun even coated in 100 block sun lotion while under an umbrella and with a turbine fan pointed squarely to my forehead. Yet still, nothing compares to fresh harvest from the sea in the summer months. I will dredge through heat and blister to find the freshest of ingredients, and on this trip, have officially found my bountiful source. As a devout sushi fan with usually weekly outings to regional hot-spot restaurants for sushi, this turn brought before me the need for fresh sashimi made at home. With a most beautiful fresh sushi-grade cut of Hamachi, this dish was like Hamachi Crudo with Bok Choy, Radish, & Rice Wine Vinaigretteeating slabs of butter. Freshness is key, and this cut of fish was the definition of fresh. A simple and light dressing with a bed of bok choy and thinly sliced local radishes, this starter was dreamy. As the summer lingers on here in New England into the perfect month of September, I will continue to seek out more summer sea ingredients to concoct something special. For tonight, it’s the simplicity and freshness of this dish that brings smiles and laughter to our table.

SECRET INGREDIENT:  Fresh Hamachi, sushi grade

TIP: Fresh is key

Hamachi Sashimi with Bok Choy, Radish, & Rice Wine Vinaigrette

  • Hamachi – Yellowtail (1/4 lb, thick slice)
  • Bok choy, white parts (1 rib, sliced)
  • Radish (1 large, thinly sliced)

For Vinaigrette

  • Rice wine vinegar (2 tsp)
  • Fresh lime juice (1/2 lime)
  • Lemon zest (1/4 tsp)
  • Shallot (2 tsp, finely minced)
  • Olive oil (1 Tbl)
  • Ponzu sauce (1 Tbl)
  • Fresh cilantro (1 Tbl, chopped)
  • Salt (pinch)
  • Fresh ground pepper (2 turns of mill)

Hamachi Crudo with Bok Choy, Radish, & Rice Wine Vinaigrette

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