Teed Up

Spanish Ham Croquettes (Croquetas de Jamon)

Croquetas de Jamon (Spanish Ham Croquettes): Great cooking can be compared to golfing. If you have ever played golf, and your head was somewhere else or thinking about work or that person that ran you off the road, you will … Continue reading

Check Mate

Roasted Pork Empanadas with Gruyere Cheese

Roasted Pork Empanadas with Gruyere Cheese: My grandfather taught me how to play chess at a very young age.  He would without fail always win and then would say – “Christopher, you need to be thinking three moves ahead.” As … Continue reading

Miami Rice

Paella with Smokey Grilled Chicken & Shrimp

Paella with Smokey Grilled Chicken & Shrimp: My grandmother would put me on the kitchen counter when I was a child, and tell me to close my eyes and then would hover an open jar of some spice or herb … Continue reading

Holy Mole

Chicken Mole with Saffron Rice

Chicken Molé with Saffron Rice: As the rain slowly subsides, and the last remnants of cold air depart for the season, I’m left craving spicy warmth on this chilly New England weekend. Meals like these instantly bring me back to … Continue reading

Heat Wave

Grilled Turkey Meatballs with Jalapeno Queso Sauce

Grilled Turkey Meatballs with Jalapeno Queso Sauce: I have a fond memory of cooking with my grandmother on a warm spring day. It was one of those moments, where laughter constantly filled the room, and when you can see the … Continue reading

Spring Ahead

Thai Chicken Enchiladas

Thai Chicken Enchiladas with Spicy Peanut Ginger Sauce: Everything about this dish screams Thai – except for the fact that they’re rolled in tortillas and covered with smoky cheese. I often find myself at crossroads. The preverbal crossroads in cooking … Continue reading

Peachey with Pork

Pulled Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Peaches and Spanish Rice: Just can’t seem to get away from experimenting with slow cooked pork. The art of it truly is centered on the mass variety of rubs, sauces, and accompaniments that can be … Continue reading

Cast Iron Garlic Shrimp

Cast Iron Garlic Shrimp: On the heels of months of what can be described as “absurd and insane corporate normalcy,” immediately followed with weekly comfort food indulgences, this long holiday weekend has been inspired to get creative with food to … Continue reading