Masquerade Bowl

Gumbo with Smoked Okra I’m not one to ever ‘not’ say it like it is. Shoot straight, be open and honest, and with equal parts humble and compassionate truth. With that, this dish rocked. Gumbo is relatively an easy dish … Continue reading

Oh Crepe

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo: Occasionally I find myself on a mission, usually in a mad scientist kind of fashion. A mission to perfect or otherwise alter traditional norms in cooking, and find new textures and flavors for the same dish making slight … Continue reading

Unconventional Wisdom

Risotto with Lentil Curry Puree & Cornmeal Crushed Shrimp

Risotto with Lentil Curry Puree & Cornmeal Crushed Shrimp: It’s a sunny afternoon, and although it’s 30 degrees with three feet of ever-so-slowly melting snow, there is a chorus of birds singing in the trees. In New England, the gap … Continue reading

Miami Rice

Paella with Smokey Grilled Chicken & Shrimp

Paella with Smokey Grilled Chicken & Shrimp: My grandmother would put me on the kitchen counter when I was a child, and tell me to close my eyes and then would hover an open jar of some spice or herb … Continue reading

Beyond The Sea

Seafood Lasagna with Mornay Sauce & Gruyere

Seafood Lasagna with Mornay Sauce & Gruyere: Somewhere, beyond insanity and utter confusion, there lies an essential need for comfort. As Boston sighs a deep relief after a week-long terrorist assault on our liberty following the Marathon bombing, we return … Continue reading

“Sole” Searching to No Avail

Crab & Shrimp Stuffed Sole with Beurre Blanc Sauce “Went soul searching – couldn’t find a damn thing”. That’s one of my more favorite quotes, and most apropos with what should have been a more exceptional dish. Humble self-reflection is … Continue reading

You Spin Me Right Rind Baby, Right Rind…

Butternut Risotto with Cornmeal-crusted Shrimp: You spin me right “rind” baby, like a cornmeal-crusted-shrimp. The evils of my cassette-tape-driven adolescence have truly caught up with me and I am left helpless simmering with an autumn risotto. Although I can’t get … Continue reading

Comfortably Pickled

Tomato Soup with Spicy Crab & Shrimp: The fruits from our laboriously disappointing garden this year yielded a miniscule selection of eggplant and cucumbers, and a variety of fresh tomatoes. However, V successfully made several batches of refrigerator pickled cucumbers, … Continue reading

Cast Iron Garlic Shrimp

Cast Iron Garlic Shrimp: On the heels of months of what can be described as “absurd and insane corporate normalcy,” immediately followed with weekly comfort food indulgences, this long holiday weekend has been inspired to get creative with food to … Continue reading