Unconventional Wisdom

Risotto with Lentil Curry Puree & Cornmeal Crushed Shrimp

Risotto with Lentil Curry Puree & Cornmeal Crushed Shrimp: It’s a sunny afternoon, and although it’s 30 degrees with three feet of ever-so-slowly melting snow, there is a chorus of birds singing in the trees. In New England, the gap … Continue reading

Will Love for Food

Spring Risotto with Mushrooms & Edamame

Spring Risotto with Mushrooms & Edamame: Risotto easily represents the pinnacle of nurturing, indicative of taking one’s time to craft something understandable and significant. What I love about the best risottos is their inherent restraint of ingredients in order to … Continue reading

“Sole” Searching to No Avail

Crab & Shrimp Stuffed Sole with Beurre Blanc Sauce “Went soul searching – couldn’t find a damn thing”. That’s one of my more favorite quotes, and most apropos with what should have been a more exceptional dish. Humble self-reflection is … Continue reading

You Spin Me Right Rind Baby, Right Rind…

Butternut Risotto with Cornmeal-crusted Shrimp: You spin me right “rind” baby, like a cornmeal-crusted-shrimp. The evils of my cassette-tape-driven adolescence have truly caught up with me and I am left helpless simmering with an autumn risotto. Although I can’t get … Continue reading