Got Coconut Milk

Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

Coconut Sweet Potato Soup with Smoky Lentils: After skiing in negative degree temperatures this past Christmas, the idea of 40 degree January days would seem welcoming. However, 40 degrees on a damp day with thirty mile an hour winds just … Continue reading

Fork in the Road

Hash Brown & Egg Cups with Crimini & Bacon Jam With Jazz from Madeleine Peyroux playing softly as I sip my morning coffee, I stared at the several pounds of remaining potatoes from our recent garden harvest. Sunday mornings can … Continue reading

Accessorizing Mr. Potato

Tilapia on Potato Pancake with Wild Mushrooms & Pearl Sauce: My grandmother would sit me on the counter as a child and offer me a whole raw potato to try. She’d say – “Try it. Like an apple.” Then she … Continue reading