Down the Rabbit Hole

Black Garlic Tortellini with Parmesan Foam: Dining often is about the experience, and the intensity of that experience especially when it sits squarely on the plate in front of you, is what can matter most. In the process of deciding … Continue reading

Cloudy with a Chance of Pasta

Pork Meatballs with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Herbed Ricotta

Pork Meatballs with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Herbed Ricotta: Why is it every time I hear someone say – “I hate it when it rains” – I think the complete opposite and my mind immediately races to a multitude of … Continue reading

Layer Cake


Bolognese Lasagna: Layering flavors is a term that is straight forward and equally mind boggling. Much like an author writing a compelling and emotional scene that excites, terrifies, and makes you feel content at the same time, there are similar … Continue reading


Pumpkin Mac & Cheese with Smoked Gouda

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese with Smoked Gouda: Growing up in Florida with Halloween night at 80 degree temperatures seems foreign to me now having spent the better part of twenty years enjoying the crisp New England Fall weather. There’s a … Continue reading

Under a Tuscan Sun

Spaghetti Parkantino with Pan Roasted Tomatoes

Spaghetti Parkantino with Pan Roasted Tomatoes: The heat wave finally broke, which was painfully long overdue, and has brought back the perfect days of summer where you can’t help but lounge and enjoy the warm sun. We had dinner with … Continue reading

Pearls of Wisdom

Fregola Sarda Pasta with Olives & Tomatoes

Fregola Sarda Pasta with Olives & Tomatoes: The other night Victoria and I shared an amazing Italian dinner with some close friends. It was the kind of meal that lingered with me for days, as I craved just one more … Continue reading

The Italian Job

Chicken Parmesan with Lemon Fettuccini & Asparagus

Chicken Parmesan with Lemon Fettuccine & Asparagus: Sometimes, deconstructing a classic dish can yield entertaining results. Chicken parmesan, with basic and fresh ingredients, is a simple gem no matter how it’s plated and an easy midweek meal to prepare. Bolton … Continue reading

Beyond The Sea

Seafood Lasagna with Mornay Sauce & Gruyere

Seafood Lasagna with Mornay Sauce & Gruyere: Somewhere, beyond insanity and utter confusion, there lies an essential need for comfort. As Boston sighs a deep relief after a week-long terrorist assault on our liberty following the Marathon bombing, we return … Continue reading

Fooled Again

Braised Chicken with Spring Fettuccini

Braised Chicken with Spring Fettuccine: It’s funny, even when you have a clearly defined plan the final results can often be positive surprises in the end. The seasons have this way of steering my subconscious, especially in cooking. Last week … Continue reading

Dancing With Simplicity

Chicken Marsala with Capellini

Chicken Marsala with Capellini: Simplicity is sometimes one of the more difficult things to achieve. Whether it’s distilling masses of complex concepts into a simple analogy that anyone’s grandmother can understand, or a gourmet weeknight dinner pulled from the crowded … Continue reading