Flight of the Honey Bee

Summer Honey Harvest 2013

Raising honey bees is simple enough, while deeply fascinating and entertaining. You provide the bees with fine accommodations, check on them occasionally to make sure they’re comfortable, and they will just do what bees do in making honey. However, after … Continue reading

Cocktails & Honey

In the spirit to better understand bee keeper (Beek) comradery, and the general excuse to have a party, tonight is V’s Beek Gathering. Great group of bee people, bee conversation, and a honey inspired menu. SECRET INGREDIENT: uhm… honey. The … Continue reading

Bee Check April 2012


— Weather When Posted –Temperature: 68°F;Humidity: 68%;Heat Index: 68°F;Wind Chill: 68°F;Pressure: 30.36 in.;