Masquerade Bowl

Gumbo with Smoked Okra I’m not one to ever ‘not’ say it like it is. Shoot straight, be open and honest, and with equal parts humble and compassionate truth. With that, this dish rocked. Gumbo is relatively an easy dish … Continue reading

Line Drive to Center

Asian Meatballs with Rice & Bok Choy

Asian Meatballs with Rice & Bok Choy: Knowing when to bunt and when to swing away is profoundly personal, even without the baseball reference, and resonates at that spiritual level. In life, work, or even cooking the same holds true … Continue reading

That’s a Wrap

Caesar Salad & Quinoa Grilled Wrap

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap with Quinoa: On occasion, I find that the simplest ingredients are best, but the unconventional approach to tradition can be equally fulfilling. Much has changed in the culinary world since Julia Child showed us fashionable … Continue reading