Bee Check – April 28

Bee Check - April 28 2013

Sunny New England day, and the hive is active, healthy, and thriving – with capped honey to boot, and it’s only April. — Weather When Posted –Temperature: 48°F;Humidity: 56%;Heat Index: 48°F;Wind Chill: 48°F;Pressure: 30.31 in.;

Bee Launch 2013


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Yes, there’s still snow on the ground.   — Weather When Posted –Temperature: 27°F;Humidity: 81%;Heat Index: 27°F;Wind Chill: 27°F;Pressure: 30.11 in.;

Capped Honey in Time for Fireworks

7/1/12 Sun 11 a.m., 85 degrees, sunny Supers Top (Medium size) Super: empty Middle & Bottom Large Supers: Both very heavy to lift and bees are docile and quiet. Very little smoke needed. It took some time to loosen each … Continue reading

Brood Ballyhoo

6/23/12 Sat 11 am.   80 degrees Supers Top (Medium size) Super: empty Middle Large Super: Bees were very docile. 80% of the frames had uncapped nectar. Removed 3 small supercedure cells at the bottom of 2 frames. There was one … Continue reading

Beek Gathering

6/22 fri. 6pm  90 degrees/rain Beek party@ Faustinec’s. Due to rain we could not inspect the hive. Maybe for the best given the extreme heat. Wearing a bee suit for 30 mins in heat then going to a cocktail gathering … Continue reading

Hive Addition

Supers Top Medium Super: added today although missing 2 frames Middle Large Super: Frame 1,2 and 8,9 (outsides) several bees on vs last week and 2 & 8 starting to show nectar. 3-7 filled entirely with capped brood.  4-6 with … Continue reading

Changing it Up

5/24/12 Thurs 6pm 70 degrees Goal To change order of the hive bodies and conduct a quick inspection. Supers Several supercedure cells cut out. Cell coverage heavy and very dark compared to last year. Bees more docile than last year. … Continue reading

Bee Check April 2012


— Weather When Posted –Temperature: 68°F;Humidity: 68%;Heat Index: 68°F;Wind Chill: 68°F;Pressure: 30.36 in.;