Shanghai Fresh

Shanghai Pork Dumplings

Shanghai Pork Wontons: Went to our local Asian market, again, and of course I got fresh dumpling wrappers dam’it. If you’ve ever made dumplings or wontons before and purchased the single option wonton wrappers from large chain grocery stores – … Continue reading

Fancy Pants

Beef Sirloin with Caramelized Onion Sauce, Potato Pearls & Pickled Red Onion: I remember cooking for my friends many many years ago, and pushing my epicurean prowess then to make delicious dishes worthy of sharing  – Foie Gras Stuffed Schiaffoni; … Continue reading

It’s All About The Wine

Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian Goulash: I was in my new favorite wine store this week in Westford Mass, which truly is a mecca of great selections from around the world. As fate would have it, there was a single bottle of Bull’s Blood … Continue reading

I’m Cured

Pastrami-cured Salmon

Pastrami-cured Salmon: I have many vices, one of which is freshly cured pastrami. It’s the kind of weakness that always satisfies in that deep spiritual way, but with equal parts evil. Nothing quite like it – whether eating it on … Continue reading

Breathe Easy

Asian Barley Soup with Ginger Meatballs

Asian Barley Soup with Ginger Meatballs: There’s nothing more annoying than a deep and uncontrollable cough that makes your brain hurt from the sheer act of it. After being diagnosed with bronchitis and days of non-stop coughing, I was filled … Continue reading

Eye on the Pie

Curry Chicken & Butternut Squash Pot Pie

Curry Chicken & Butternut Squash Pot Pie: I remember growing up with my grandmother’s many wise life lessons, particularly on how the choices we make in life define us at our core. Thinking you have made the right choice, and … Continue reading

Seafood Junky

Seafood Roulade with Yellow Pepper Sabayon Sauce

Seafood Roulade with Yellow Pepper Sabayon Sauce: This week, we were seafood junkies. Not just because we love all things seafood, but because of a specific inspiration. In our recent travels to Iceland, we had the most amazing dining experiences … Continue reading

Topsy Turvy

Pumpernickel Crusted Chicken Parmesan with Roasted Spaghetti Squ

Pumpernickel Crusted Chicken Parmesan with Roasted Spaghetti Squash: Turning things upside down, in life or work, can be a rejuvenating and enlightening experience. Like starting a revolution, the good kind, it’s the antithesis of thinking in the norm while shattering … Continue reading

Keep It Under Wraps

Philly Cheese Steak Wraps with Provolone Sauce

Philly Cheese Steak Wraps with Provolone Sauce: Was talking to someone recently and shared some important information they needed to know, but said “let’s keep this under wraps for now.” Most people can’t keep a secret to save their life. … Continue reading

Layer Cake


Bolognese Lasagna: Layering flavors is a term that is straight forward and equally mind boggling. Much like an author writing a compelling and emotional scene that excites, terrifies, and makes you feel content at the same time, there are similar … Continue reading