The Sunnyside of Up

Latke with Egg & Parsnip Puree

Latke with Sunnyside Egg & Parsnip Puree: I woke up the other morning with a sense of accomplishment but hadn’t even done anything yet. This is a rarity, and positively influenced a variety of directions for the day. I always … Continue reading

Fork in the Road

Hash Brown & Egg Cups with Crimini & Bacon Jam With Jazz from Madeleine Peyroux playing softly as I sip my morning coffee, I stared at the several pounds of remaining potatoes from our recent garden harvest. Sunday mornings can … Continue reading

Dodging Evil

Deviled Bacon & Eggs: Deviled eggs represent that quintessential party dish that exudes evil while being mysteriously wholesome. So – let’s add bacon. Our neighbors threw their annual Pig Roast party next door, and V was quick to surmise the … Continue reading