My name is Christopher, and cooking for me is a never ending art and science project filled with equal parts of exploration, refinement, and reinvention. At the age of sixteen, my first job was working in a restaurant where, within a short time, I went from washing dishes to line cook to quickly becoming memorable among patrons as a “young” cfaust_103_500pand unconventional chef. Influenced greatly by my Spanish grandmother, today I remain infinitely passionate about cooking. As a closet existentialist with a history of pushing the envelope with cooking to find meaning in making it better, the recipes on this site are all original and are inspired in part by the seasonal nature of living in New England. I strive to constantly learn new and interesting approaches to cooking – like pushing a boulder up and down a big hill and finding a deeper meaning in it.

The Why of It

Cooking for necessity is important. Cooking for fun is more important. Whether you’re from the incomparable French country-side, or the milk cow hills of Vermont, or the coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest America, and whether you are aware of it or not – the regional sources for food are part of your life, culture, and persona. The seasons there too, are also part of our culinary assets, and the seasonality of what’s available can be the foundation of something new and original. To this end, I endeavor to always support regional farming and food communities which also means getting the freshest ingredients possible.

I started this food blog to document the journey of fine cooking, specifically the food we eat as influenced by where we are in the world, the seasons that dictate our options, and even how work, life, and people, can change what it means at any moment in deciphering the “how and why of it.”

Christopher’s Favorite Foods
  • Simple fresh ingredients with bold worldly flavors
  • Anything braised slowly for hours and hours


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  1. Since Dana can’t read due to her eye surgery (she is doing well) I decided I needed to go direct to your blog. As you know I do most of my own cooking and Dana does hers. My “experiments” over the years have resulted in spectacular failures. I now know a little of what NOT to combine or mix.
    I love your hash-browns-in-a-cup with an egg on top. Will have to try it.

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